• On a random island the Frozen pirates are taking a break from their trip
  • They are eating

Ryo:*sad face*This is not as delicious as Shiryu's food....

Udyr:Yeah...I really miss him.

Nunu:I still cant understand why he did that.He seemed to be happy with us.


  • Shiryu suddenly appears near them

Shiryu:*smiles*Miss me?

  • The Frozen pirates immediatly attack him
  • Shiryu dissapears and reappears at a big distance from them
  • Shir looks shocked at Shiryu

Ryo:*shocked*Impossible....HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?

Shiryu:*smiles*It's long story and you dont really have to know it.The important thing is.....*shadowed eyes*I am here to annihilate you.

  • The Frozen pirates are suddenly attack from all directions
  • They all jump back with little injuries
  • 9 persons appear in front of them


Shiryu:*smiles*Guys...I present you my crew.....The New Era pirates!!


Shiryu:*smiles*Guys present yourself to my ex-crew.

Sano:*grins*I am Lucky Man Sano!!

Sano's description:

Kira:I am Kira,the God of Time.

Kira's description:Kira is similar as appearance with Ray.

Keigo:I am the vice-captain of New Era pirates,Angel of Death Keigo

Keigo's description:

Fuji:I am the giant Dissaster Fuji.

Fuji's description:

Yukio:I am Demon's Child Yukio.

Yukio's description:

Jackie:I am Dirty Fighter Jackie.

Jackie's description:

Akali:I am Ninja Akali.

Akali's description:

Itao:I am Bald Killer Itao.

Itao's description:

Suzuki:I am Tiger Suzuki.

Suzuki's description:

Shiryu:*smiles* that they know your names show them what you can do as well.

  • The New Era pirates attack the Frozen pirates
  • After 2 hours
  • The New Era pirates are barely injured
  • Ryo,Udyr and Nunu are on the ground unsconscious
  • Shir is barely standing on his feet

Sano:Damn he really is the strongest Yonko.The 9 of us are fighting him and he is still standing.

Itao:Lets attack him in the same time!

  • The New Era pirates attack Shir
  • Shir tries to defend himself but gets hit a lot of times and falls on the ground

Kira:He is really dangerous.We should kill him.

  • Fuji puts his sword near Shir's head
  • Shiryu appears near them


Fuji:Why?We cant let such a strong guy alive.

Shiryu:We wont kill any of them.


Shiryu:*smiles*Someone have to tell the entire world about us.

Keigo:Shiryu....JUST SHUT UP WITH THIS CRAP!!You really think I dont know that you dont want us to kill them only because they are your ex-crew and you still feel something for them.

Shiryu:*smiles*Shut up already Keigo.Guys....we are leaving.

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