• 10 days passed since Marimo returned to the crew
  • Because of Marimo's decision,the start prepared to fight the New Era pirates
  • They finished their training or preparations for their fights
  • Marimo separated from the crew again and trained alone for 10 days
  • The Espada pirates start sailing in the New World searching for the New Era pirates
  • After some hours near an island
  • The New Era pirates prepared to leave the island
  • Right when they got on their ship they see a ship coming towards them

Sano:Eh?What the hell?I though after all we did everyone knows and fears us.Why would a ship come straight towards us?

Kira:*dead serious face*I have no idea but we better be careful.

  • The ship approaches even more
  • The New Era pirates recognize the ship as being the Terminus Est of Espada pirates
  • The Espada pirates,without Marimo,were on top of the ship all looking at the New Era pirates,smiling

Jackie:*surprised*The....Espada pirates?I havent seen them in a long time.

Sano:*smiles*They forgot how bad we kicked their asses last time?

Kira:*dead serious face*You idiot!We have to be really careful.After all their captain is a genious.He wont just come straight at us knowing that he will die.And I cant understand why they are smiling.

Sano:*serious face*Yeah...That is pretty weird.

Shiryu:*smiles*Magnus ah?

  • Fuji sees another ship approaching them

Fuji:GUYS!!Another ship is approaching us!!

Sano:As I tough!!They didnt came alone!They probably brought their allies with them.

  • The ship comes near their ship



Magnus:*smiles*Fire the cannon at their ship!!


  • Hermes starts shooting with the cannon at the New Era pirates ship

Sano:*pissed off*SHIT!!They are attacking our ship!!

Shiryu:*serious face*Everyone get on board and defend the ship!

  • The second ship stops

Keigo:*dead serious face*I cant see anyone on the second ship.Who the hell is on it?

  • The New Era pirates start defending their ship,destroying the cannon balls

Shiryu:Lets advance towards them.

  • Right when the New Era pirates started advancing towards Terminus Est a hooded man jumped on their ship


Shiryu:*dead serious face*Kill him fast!

  • All of the New Era pirates attack the hooded man
  • The Espada pirates suddenly appear on their ship and block all of their attacks except one,the attack of Keigo
  • The hooded man blocks Keigo and takes off the hood
  • The hooded man is Marimo

Keigo:*shocked*What.....the hell?

  • Marimo pushes Keigo back and scratches him on his cheek with 1 sword

Keigo:*shocked*[Amazing speed and power...]How.....HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!?!?!

Marimo:*dead serious face*I hate myself because I listened to you and attacked Yomazu.That man is probably the most trustful person alive.He saved me.

Keigo:*dead serious face*I see......I guess I really understimated him.*shadowed eyes*He also saved Kabuto and Shaco didnt he?

Marimo:*dead serious face*Yeah...

Keigo:*dead serious face* sure wont be happy.

  • Shiryu appears near Keigo

Shiryu:Keigo....I know how much you want to fight him and how much he wants to fight you but please take your battle on the island.

Keigo:Got it!

  • Keigo attacks Marimo and pushes him back,off the ship,on the island
  • So does every member of New Era pirates with the Espada pirates
  • Most of the Espada pirates take an opponent and start fighting
  • Sano,Amaru and Shiryu are the only New Era pirate members who didnt start a fight yet

Sano:Shit.....This is gonna be troublesome.

Shiryu:*dead serious face*Yeah...

Amaru:*dead serious face*Dont worry my master...I will protect you with my life.

  • On the other part of the island NWW is exchaning fists with Fuji


Fuji:*dead serious face*Just try.

NewWorldWarrior vs Fuji

  • NWW dashes at Fuji

NWW:Running Form!!(NWW transforms into a form that makes him be a lot faster)

  • Fuji tries to land a punch on NWW but he dissapears

Fuji:[He is really fast.]

  • NWW appears on Fuji's right arm and avances towards his head
  • NWW approaches to Fuji's head

NWW:Bite Form!!(NWW makes his mouth a lot bigger and with huge teeth)

  • NWW tries to bite Fuji's head
  • Fuji dodges in the last second
  • Fuji hits NWW with his elbow,sending him on the ground

NWW:*dead serious face*[His speed and power are far greater than mine....]Human Form!!

  • NWW transforms into half human,half wolf

NWW:Muscle Form!!

  • NWW increases his muscle mass
  • Fuji tries to land a punch on NWW
  • NWW blocks Fuji's punch with his punch
  • Their punches creates a huge shockwave
  • NWW gets pushed back

NWW:*surprised*[Not even my Muscle Form strenght is not enough to match his.]

  • Fuji fastly punches NWW and sends him flying into a rock

Fuji:You are patethic...You are not at my level even when I am fighting with 20% of my power.

  • NWW fastly gets up

NWW:*dead serious face*You are right.Like this I wont defeat you.Human Form!

  • NWW transforms into his human form and unsheates a sword he had on his back

Fuji:I see....You are also a swordsman.

  • Fuji points his punch at NWW

Fuji:Straight Line Punch!!

  • Fuji fastly tries to punch NWW

NWW:Cambio Forma!!

  • NWW suddenly dissapears


  • NWW appears in front of Fuji
  • Fuji fastly tries to punch NWW with his left hand

NWW:Cambio Forma!!

  • NWW's right hand gets really muscular and NWW uses it to repel Fuji's punch

NWW:Wolf's Decisive Sword Strike!!

  • NWW fastly releases a huge air blade from his sword
  • Fuji gets cut on his right shoulder and steps back

Fuji:*surprised*[He....combined all of the earlier forms?]

  • NWW lands on the ground

NWW:I was always a weakling....BUT NOT NOW!! I won only 1 battle as a member of the Espada pirates.That is a shame for me.But this time.....THIS TIME I AM A HELL LOT STRONGER!!AND I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!

Fuji:*dead serious face*You are an interesting one...but remember what I told you earlier...I only fought with you with 20% of my power.

  • Fuji takes out the hammer he rests on his back

NWW:My captain told me about you using a special hammer.

  • Fuji fastly tries to hit NWW with his hammer
  • NWW makes one of his arms muscular and blocks it

Fuji:[Even with the hammer I cant match his strenght.]

  • Fuji tries to hit NWW again with the hammer but NWW blocks every attack
  • NWW suddenly releases an air blade
  • Fuji dodges it in the last second
  • NWW appears in front of Fuji's face
  • NWW have a huge mouth and tries to bite Fuji's face
  • Fuji dodges in the last second again and tries to hit NWW with his hammer
  • NWW tries to block him but Fuji suddenly stops the hammer before hitting NWW
  • The hammer releases a powerfull shockwave that hits NWW directly
  • NWW falls on the ground

NWW:*dead serious face*This is what I've been waiting for.

Fuji:Today we have a sunny day....

NWW:What is that supposed to mean?

  • Fuji tries to hit NWW again with the hammer
  • Before reaching NWW,Fuji stops his attack again

NWW:[SHIT!!Another shockwave is coming!]

  • Fuji's hammer transforms into light and pierces NWW's stomach

NWW:*surprised*[What the hell?]

  • NWW falls on the ground

NWW:HOW THE HELL YOUR HAMMER CAN DO ALL THIS THINGS?!?!Magnus said that it doesnt posses a Devil Fruit.But how can a hammer do this kind of things??

  • Fuji releases a wave of shockwaves at NWW
  • NWW gets hit directly by most of them

NWW:[If I continue like this I will lose.]GIGANT FORM!!!

  • NWW gets a lot bigger,almost as big as Fuji,but in a human form
  • His sword remains normal
  • The fight takes place near water
  • Fuji puts his hammer in water

NWW:What now?

  • Fuji tries to hit NWW with his hammer
  • NWW easly blocks it using the strenght of his gigant form
  • NWW's right arm freezes

NWW:*shocked*[Just....WHAT THE HELL?!?!]

  • NWW jumps back a huge distance

NWW:I....just cant understand.

Fuji:This hammer is hard to understand isnt it?

NWW:Of course it is.

  • Fuji points at a ring he has on his right hand middle finger

Fuji:You see this ring?

  • The ring has the image of an elephant's head

Fuji:This is my New Era ring.

NWW:*surprised*New....Era ring?

Fuji:Yes...I got the first ring.I got it first only because my hammer is the one that helped us trained in the time you were training.

NWW:What do you mean?I cant understand anything.

Fuji:Well let me explain it to you in other way.My hammer.....his powers dont come from a Devil Fruit,but from technology.

NWW:I know that from Magnus.

Fuji:I was a former Marine,vice-admiral from the Giant Squad.

NWW:*surprised*A former Marine?

Fuji:Yes and I was the leader of the Giant Squad.So as a reward...Dr.Vegapunk made me a weapon.


Fuji:Yeah....because he saw how strong I am he created a weapon only for me.That weapon is this hammer.You saw that I was able to create shockwaves,just like Sengoku,lasers,just like Kizaru and freeze you just like Aokiji

NWW:*shocked*Now that you say are right.

Fuji:Well this hammer.....IS ONE OF THE ULTIMATE WEAPONS OF THE MARINES!! I have to charge it with different things to get the powers though.I have to let it charge with air before using my shockwaves,with sun rays for lasers and with water for ice.

NWW:*dead serious face*Now I can finally understand it.

  • Fuji points his hammer at NWW

Fuji:Enough talk.....

  • Fuji dashes at NWW

NWW:[I must find a way to counter his hammer...]

  • Fuji tries to hit NWW with his hammer
  • NWW easly blocks it using his fist
  • Fuji releases a shockwave from the hammer that hits NWW directly
  • NWW stands on his feet

Fuji:*surprised*[What endurance...]

NWW:Wolf's Straight Punch!!

  • NWW punches Fuji directly in his stomach,breaking his armor
  • Fuji catches NWW by his frozen arm and tries to shatter it

NWW:Wolf's Straight Kick!!

  • NWW kicks Fuji in the head and pushes him back

NWW:Wolf's Punching Wave!!

  • NWW starts punching Fuji all over his body
  • Fuji releases some shockwaves and some laser beams that hit NWW directly
  • NWW continues his attack,ignoring the hits
  • Fuji falls on his knees bleeding very bad

Fuji:*pant* you can resist like that to my hits?*pant*

  • NWW is standing in front of Fuji bleeding very bad

NWW:My determination to win this fight is much bigger than the pain.

  • Fuji gets up

Fuji:I see.....Then I have to end this fast.

  • Fuji charges his hammer with air at max and releases a huge shockwave at NWW

NWW:Wolf's Defensive Stance!!

  • NWW takes the defensive stance of a boxer
  • NWW gets hit directly by the shockwave,but dashes towards Fuji
  • A huge sword is seen flying towards NWW


  • NWW catches the huge sword Souji threw at him


  • NWW releases an air blade,double the size of Fuji
  • Fuji tries to block the slash with his hammer but his hammer gets seriously damaged so he takes it out of the slash's way
  • Fuji gets a huge cut on his body,from his left shoulder to his right leg
  • Fuji falls on the ground
  • NWW falls on his knees

NWW:*pant*I...*pant*I WON!!

  • Fuji hardly gets up

Fuji:I wont be so sure.It's true you are amazing for beating me when I am using 80% of my power.


  • Fuji takes off his armor
  • The pieces of armor make huge holes when they fell on ground

NWW:*shocked* heavy were those things?

  • Fuji's muscle mass suddenly increases drastically


NWW:*shocked*[He...moved like that with this things on him.If I get them on....I may even get crushed.]

  • NWW gets up and prepares a defensive stance

Fuji:To defend against me right now is useless.....

  • Fuji takes a stance similar to Luffy's Get Pistol stance

NWW:*dead serious face*[He prepares an attack.]

  • NWW's sword suddenly breaks in pieces and NWW feels like he got punched in his stomach
  • NWW falls on the ground and vomits a lot of blood

NWW:*shocked*[Just......WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?]

Fuji:I forgot to say time my speed increases 100 times.


  • Fuji suddenly dissapears and appears above NWW
  • NWW tries to block Fuji but he gets punched at immense speed on his back
  • NWW falls unconscious
  • Fuji lands on the ground and starts walking away taking his hammer and armor from the ground

Fuji:*bored face*This is how most of my battles get when I start using full power.....It's so boring.

Magnus vs Shiryu

  • Shiryu is seen walking with Sano and Amaru near him
  • Shiryu suddenly notices something

Shiryu:Guys you can go now.Go find some of the Espada pirates and defeat them.

Sano:GOT IT!!

Amaru:But...master....I want to stay near you and protect you.

Shiryu:There is no need,Amaru,go with Sano.

Amaru:K....GOT IT!!

  • Amaru left with Sano
  • In the first moment they couldnt be seen anymore an air blade is seen flying towards Shiryu
  • Shiryu hardly dodges it,getting scratches on his cheek

Shiryu:*smiles*I knew you will go out as soon as the 2 of them will leave.

  • Magnus appears in front of Shiryu with a dead serious face

Shiryu:*smiles*Why are you so angry?You remember right?

Magnus:*dead serious face*Shut up!!You know why I came here right?

Shiryu:*smiles*I think I know...

Magnus:*dead serious face*I know I told you this a lot of times already but....this time I'm more sure than ever.*calm voice*Shiryu,I will kill you.


  • Shiryu takes a small piece of ice from his pocket

Shiryu:Ice Make:Blade!!

  • Shiryu transforms the piece of ice into his usual blade
  • Shiryu points his blade at Magnus

Shiryu:Ice Blade:Ice Dragon!!

  • Shiryu releases a huge ice dragon from the blade that is coming towards Magnus

Magnus:Nitoryu:1000 Bird's Dance!!

  • Magnus releases a lot of small air blades,a stronger version of the pre-TS technique
  • The air blades hit the dragon directly,but the dragon keeps regenerating


  • The dragon hits Magnus directly and freezes him in a huge pillar of ice
  • The pillar suddenly shatters

Shiryu:*serious face*As I though.

  • Magnus's swords are covered in Hell fire

Magnus:Elemental Nitoryu:Hell fire!!

  • Magnus stabs is swords in the ground
  • Magnus closes his eyes

Magnus:Brain Command:Omega Buff Up!!(Magnus increases his speed and power)This time I dont have to use the numb up as well since I got full control of the Buff Up techniques,they dont have negative effects on me anymore.Totheka Teoi:Hermes!!

  • Some angel wings appear on Magnus's legs
  • Magnus picks his 2 swords
  • Magnus suddenly opens his eyes and appears behind Shiryu
  • The place in which Magnus was has a hole in the ground

Shiryu:*surprised*[What speed....I wasnt able to at least see him.And only a simple step was able to creates such a big hole in the ground.]

  • Magnus tries to cut Shiryu's back but he dissapears
  • Shiryu appears behind Magnus

Shiryu:*dead serious face*You forgot that I am really fast as well?

Magnus:*dead serious face*Nah...*remembers when Shiryu tried to cut him at Marineford,but he wasnt able because Magnus kept his eyes on Shiryu,but when Magnus looked at other thing for a single second,Shiryu was able to strike him*.

  • Shiryu tries to cut Magnus with his ice blade but Magnus fastly turns around and blocks Shiryu's attack
  • Shiryu fastly creates a pair of ice wings and starts flying

Shiryu:*dead serious face*With that amazing speed of yours I have to think of something before attacking.

  • Magnus lifts himself in the air using his telekinesis
  • Magnus also lifts some rocks in the air

Shiryu:*dead serious face*I forgot about that power....But why you took this rocks as well?

  • Magnus steps on a rock and instanly appears in front of Shiryu

Shiryu:*surprised*[He took the rocks so he can step on them to have the same speed he has on the ground.I am fighting a totally different person.He truly acts like a genious now.]

  • Magnus tries to cut Shiryu

Shiryu:Ice Wing:Block!!

  • Shiryu puts his wings in front of him
  • Magnus destroys them with a single strike

Shiryu:Ice Make:Wall!!

  • Shiryu creates a wall of ice in front of him and use it to fastly jump towards the ground
  • Shiryu lands on the ground

Shiryu:*serious face*I cant believe that fighting with you in the air is even more dangerous than fighting with you on the ground.

  • Magnus also lands on the ground
  • Shiryu throws a small piece of ice high in the air

Shiryu:Ice Make:Twin Blades!!

  • Shiryu creates 2 blades of ice,one in each hand
  • Shiryu dashes at Magnus

Magnus:Nitoryu:Fast Dance!!

Shiryu:Ice Blade:28th Phantom Dance!!

  • Magnus and Shiryu start blocking each other's attack

Shiryu:*smiles*You have truly improved.

  • Suddenly,it starts snowing
  • A snow flake falls on Magnus
  • The snow flake suddenly freezes in the shape of a flower

Magnus:*surprised*What the??

  • A lot of snow falls on Magnus
  • Each snow flake transforms into a flower
  • After some seconds Magnus is inside a globe of ice,covered in a mountain of ice flowers,with his legs and arms totally frozen


Shiryu:*smiles*My ultimate garden technique,Ice Make:King's Garden!

Magnus:Shit...I cant move my hands or legs.

Shiryu:*dead serious face*You forgot one thing....even though you became stronger you forgot that I also got stronger.The same goes for your entire crew.You truly are a totally diferent person as power,but......*calm voice*we also are.

  • One ice flower suddenly shatters

Magnus:Is this some kind of prison?

Shiryu:Not really.You see...each flower will shatter after 1 minute.In this time you will get frozen little by little.After all the flowers will will completly freeze and die.

  • Magnus suddenly starts moving his right hand
  • His right hand shatters a bit and blood start flowing from it

Magnus:[SHIT!!He froze my swords completly.I cant use them.Damn...the Hell fire would be such a great help right now.I have to think how to escape this.This technique is on a completly different level than the other techniques he used on me.He said that each flower has to shatter until I will die.]

  • Magnus sees 2 more flowers shattering
  • Magnus notices his stomach starts freezing

Magnus:*dead serious face*[There are a lot of flowers.I have to calculate them to see how much time I have but with all this cold I cant concentrate.Only if I....]Brain Command:Heat Up!![Much]Brain Command:Time Stop!!(Magnus stops the time in his mind so can think of something of an extended period of time.The effect does not apply for the real world.[Now I have the time to do it....]

  • Magnus counts the flowers

Magnus:[So there are 300 flowers.This may be the weakness of his technique.The big amount of time he needs to kill his target.But even with this weakness.I cant see a way to get out of here.....Maybe only....]

  • Magnus closes his eyes and concentrates

Shiryu:*smiles*Are you giving up?

  • The ice flowers suddenly start to move

Shiryu:*serious face*What are you doing?

Magnus:[I never used such a high amount of telekinesis but I guess after all I truly advance in power during my fights.]

  • Magnus suddenly opens his eyes and all the ice flowers are send flying
  • Magnus frees himself from the ice globe


  • Magnus dashes at Shiryu

Magnus:*dead serious face*I've seen enough of your techniques already,Shiryu!! I WILL END THIS RIGHT NOW!!TOTHEKA TEOI:ZEUS!!!

  • Magnus's swords transform into lightning
  • Shiryu takes a small piece of iron from his pocket and transforms it into his Past Sword

Magnus:[He takes me really serious this time.]

  • Magnus suddenly dissapears and reappears in front of Shiryu
  • Shiryu tries to stab Magnus in the stomach

Magnus:[I will let him stab me and use this as an opening to fatally hit him with my swords.]

  • Magnus lets Shiryu stab him in the stomach

Magnus:[This is my chance!!]

  • Magnus tries to stab Shiryu in the chest with his 2 swords
  • Magnus suddenly stops


  • Magnus drops his swords and falls on his knees

Magnus:*shocked*What....the hell?

  • Magnus sees a lot of ice spikes coming from his stomach

Shiryu:*smiles*I'm sorry but I evolved my sword.Now it has a piece of ice inside it so I can use my ice techniques in combination with it.After I stabbed you I released a lot of ice spikes from my sword.You know who did this for me right?

Magnus:*pissed off*!!

  • Shiryu points at a ring he has on his right hand middle finger,a ring with a dragon head on it

Shiryu:This is my New Era ring.

Muramasa vs Suzuki

  • Muramasa unsheats his 2 normal katanas
  • Suzuki crackles his fists

Suzuki:*smiles*I was waiting to fight with the guy Yukio humiliated 1 year ago.

Muramasa:*serious face*Shut up....

  • Muramasa dashes at Suzuki

Suzuki:*smiles*I cant wait to fight.THE SAME GOES FOR ME!!

  • Suzuki also dashes at Muramasa
  • Muramasa tries to cut Suzuki
  • Suzuki dodges in the last second

Suzuki:Right Punishment!!(A really fast and strong punch)

  • Suzuki punches Muramasa directly in his stomach

Suzuki:*smiles*[So easy.....]

  • Suzuki suddenly gets cut on his right shoulder
  • Suzuki jumps back

Suzuki:*surprised*What the....Do you wear some kind of armor?

Muramasa:Something like that....

  • Muramasa dashes at Suzuki

Suzuki:Fast Forwards Punisher!!!

  • Suzuki tries to land a powerfull kick to Muramasa's head
  • Muramasa dodges in the last second and scratches his swords on the ground

Muramasa:Red Sword:Ground Tornado!!

  • Muramsa spins around and releases a huge dust tornado that sends Suzuki flying a small distance
  • Suzuki lands on the ground with little injuries are really strong.I think I have to get to a whole different level of power to match your power.

  • Suzuki dashes at Muramasa
  • Muramasa prepares to counter Suzuki
  • Suzuki suddenly dissapears

Muramasa:*surprised*[That seemed like....]

  • Suzuki appears behind Muramasa
  • Muramasa fastly turns around to cut Suzuki
  • Muramasa hits Suzuki directly but Suzuki didnt get cut

Muramasa:*surprised*[It....can be?]

Suzuki:Tekkai:Right Hammer!!

  • Suzuki punches Muramasa directly in the stomach and Muramasa is send flying into a rock
  • Muramasa gets up with little effort

Muramasa:*dead serious face*As I are a Rokushiki user.

Suzuki:Not a normal one but yes I am a Rokushiki user.

  • Muramasa puts his swords in a small lake that was near the place where they are fighting

Muramasa:Red Sword:Water Current!!

  • Muramasa creates a tower out of the water and sends it at Suzuki
  • Suzuki uses Soru and easly dodges it

Muramasa:[Intersting....even though this technique is weak and he can use Tekkai he dodged it....]

  • Suzuki appears in front of Muramasa

Suzuki:Tekkai:Right Hand of Justice!!

  • Suzuki tries to punch Muramasa

Muramasa:Red Sword:Water Wall!!

  • Muramasa creates a wall of water in front of him
  • Suzuki suddenly stops his attack and jumps back chose to not touch water again.*dead serious face*You are a Devil Fruit eater arent you?

Suzuki:Damn it....It seems like hiding things from you is really hard.You are a truly smart person.Yes I am a Devil Fruit user.

Muramasa:*dead serious face*Who the hell are you?

Suzuki:I am a member of the New Era pirates,Tiger Suzuki and also....

Muramasa:*dead serious face*.....

Suzuki:The ex-leader of Cp 0!


Suzuki:Yeah....Now if you already found out that I have a Devil Fruit......

  • Suzuki begins to grow and his body begins to change
  • Suzuki transforms into a hybrid form of tiger and human

Suzuki:The reason for my my Devil Fruit.

  • Muramasa gets on guard

Suzuki:It's good that you are already prepared for me to attack but....*shadowed eyes*When I attack in this form you can be ready but still you wont be able to take it.

  • Suzuki appears in a split second in front of Muramasa

Muramasa:*surprised*[His speed of Soru right now is much faster than the one he used earlier.]

Suzuki:Shigan:Straight Punishment!!

  • Suzuki tries to hit Muramasa with his Shigan,but Muramasa blocks using his 2 swords


  • Suzuki's Shigan breaks Muramasa's normal katanas and stabs him in the chest

Suzuki:*calm voice*It's over....

  • Muramasa suddenly jumps back bleeding from his chest

Suzuki:*surprised*[He surived?But I hit him directly in the chest...]*dead serious face*[It has to be the thing that protected him earlier as well.]

Muramasa:*dead serious face* broke my katanas.I never though a simple Shigan can even kill a person so easly.You told me earlier that I am really strong.I will say the same thing for you.But....this fight is decided since you did a huge mistake.....

Suzuki:*dead serious face*What?

  • Muramasa takes out The Kira which he had wrapped around his body
  • The Kira is cracked a little on a side

Muramasa:*dead serious face*You damaged one of my favorite swords.

  • Muramasa fastly swings his blade whip at Suzuki
  • Suzuki uses Soru to easly dodge it
  • Suzuki appears in front of Muramasa

Suzuki:Tekkai:Right Judgment!!

  • Suzuki punches Murmasa directly in his face and sends him flying into a rock
  • Muramasa gets up with a lot of effort

Muramasa:*dead serious face*[I see....So I have to be careful because of his incredible speed.I cant attack reckless since that will kill me.I have to calculate every more or I will lose.Damn....I'm not that good at this kind of fights.I wish Magnus or Marimo were fighting this guy.]

  • Muramasa start swinging his whip around him

Suzuki:Even if you try to defend yourself like that is useless.My speed is far superior to yours.

  • Suzuki uses Soru and moves around Muramasa at huge speed
  • Suzuki dodges every swing of whip


Muramasa:[An opening!This is my chance!]

  • Muramasa fastly swings his whip and cuts Suzuki on his chest

Suzuki:[SHIT!! I should stop talking.]

  • Suzuki jumps back
  • Muramasa continues to swing his whip around him

Suzuki:[Like this he is going to win...I cant damage him but he can damage me.Like this the battle will take a lot but he will be the winner.I have to do something about this.]*smiles*[I'm glad to have such a cerebral fight.]

  • Suzuki uses Soru and appears in front of Muramasa
  • Muramasa fastly swings his whip to cut Suzuku


  • Suzuki's body start moving in the opossite way Muramasa's whip is moving


  • Suzuki empowers his fist with Tekkai and tries to punch Muramasa in his stomach,knowing he has no more armor
  • Muramasa fastly jumps back

Suzuki:*smiles*As expected....Soru!!


  • Suzuki appears behind Muramasa and tries to punch him again
  • Suzuki aims at Muramasa's back

Muramasa:[He aims to break my back.I have to stop him!!]

  • Right before Suzuki's punch was about to land on Muramasa,Muramasa hits into Suzuki's punch with his elbow

Suzuki:*smiles*[This bastard....He sacrificed one arm to make him able to fight after this hit.]

  • Suzuki's punch breaks Muramasa's left arm and sends him flying into a rock
  • Muramasa gets up screaming in pain

Suzuki:You are a really though person.But you finally got to know My Justice! I have a different way of seeing justice than the other Cp or Marine members.

  • Muramasa hardly gets up

Muramasa:[Damn.....not even with The Kira I cant beat him.I've got no other choice.]

  • Muramasa takes out The Eternal Slumber that he had sheated on his back

Muramasa:Destroying my katanas was a big mistake,damaging The Kira was a crime.....Time to pay for your sins....The Eternal Slumber will take your head.

Suzuki:*dead serious face*I guess that sword is really powerfull since you suddenly started to talk so big.

  • Muramasa dashes at Suzuki
  • Muramasa tries to cut Suzuki

Suzuki:Shigan:Front Punisher!!

  • Suzuki's Shigan hits Muramasa's sword directly
  • The sword isnt even a bit damaged and Muramasa cuts Suzuki's claw
  • Suzuki jumps back

Suzuki:*dead serious face*[As I though....that sword cant be compared with the others.]Soru!

  • Suzuki appears in front of Muramasa with his fists pointing at him

Muramasa:[That stance!!SHIT HE IS GOING TO USE ROKOUGAN!!]


  • Suzuki's Rokougan hits Muramasa directly
  • Muramasa manages to use the opening created by Suzuki when he used Rokougan to slash him
  • Suzuki gets cut on his stomach
  • Both of them jump back

Muramasa:*pant*What a powerfull*pant*technique*pant*.

Suzuki:*pant*Whats the problem?*pant*You cant go on?*pant*

Muramasa:*smiles*Shut are not in a better form*pant*.


  • Suzuki appears in front of Muramasa in the same stance

Muramasa:*dead serious face*[He is going for the same thing....but this is a risky move....since we dont know who will win.With another clash like the one from before the match might be decided.....but for who?]

Suzuki:[If I hit him I will leave myself wide open again and he will cut me again....I dont know who will be able to put more damage....What should I do?]

  • Both of them stop
  • Muramasa suddenly jumps back

Suzuki:Neither of us want to end this in a draw right?


Suzuki:As I though.....then....Rankyaku!!

  • Suzuki releases a Rankyaku at Muramasa
  • Muramasa easly breaks it with his sword and releases a huge air blade at Suzuki

Suzuki:Tekkai:Ultimate Punishment Defensive Stance!!

  • Suzuki gets hit directly by the slash but only gets cut a little on his shoulder

Muramasa:[Damn that Tekkai....]

Suzuki:[If I want to win this....I got no other choice.]

  • Suzuki fastly releases a Rankyaku at Muramasa
  • Right before the Rankyaku would reach Muramasa,it gets ingulfed in flames
  • Muramasa easly dodges it

Muramasa:*surprised*[What the.....I never saw something like this.]

  • Suzuki releases another Rankyaku that freezes
  • The second Rankyaku cuts Muramasa on his shoulder and the wound freezes instantly

Muramasa:*surprised*[What the hell?]

Suzuki:Shigan:Flying Bullet!!

  • Suzuki fires a flying Shigan at Muramasa
  • Muramasa dodges it in the last second
  • Muramasa sees a small black ball inside the wind bullet(the flying Shigan looks like a small wind bullet)
  • The ball suddenly creates a huge explosion
  • Muramasa emerges from the explosion with his clothes and body almost completly burned

Muramasa:What...THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!

  • Suzuki continues to fire flying Shigans at Muramasa
  • Each bullet explodes upon reaching Muramasa
  • Muramasa emerges from the explosion with whole body burned

Muramasa:*pant*How*pant*the hell*pant*are you doing this?*pant*

  • Suzuki appears in front of Muramasa in his Rokougan stance

Suzuki:Frost Rokougan!!

  • Suzuki releases a Rokougan at Muramasa's legs and after the damage his legs froze

Muramasa:[SHIT!!My legs took a lot of damage and I cant even move but...I cant fall on the ground because he froze them.]

Suzuki:Fire Rokougan!!

  • Suzuki shots a Rokougan directly in Muramasa's stomach and Muramsa ignites after getting the damage from the Rokougan

Muramasa:*barely staying conscious*What...the hell you did?

Suzuki:*shadowed eyes*This is what I truly am.I will explain everything to you before killing you.You see this ring?

  • Suzuki points at a ring he has on his right hand middle finger with the head of a tiger

Suzuki:This is my New Era ring.Each New Era pirate has one.


Suzuki:It is a sign.Of what we got during our training.My crewmates arent so good storytellers so probably your crewmates dont know......except Magnus.

Muramasa:*surprised*Why....Magnus knows?

Suzuki:After you guys escaped from us,we followed you.We tried to catch and kill you since you were a dangerous enemy.But.....we just couldnt find you.No matter how much we looked after your crew we just couldnt find it.We though that you separated and continued to look after you,but again with no succes.

Muramasa:This doesnt answer my question....

Suzuki:8 months passed.We were just fighting with everyone we met and kept looking after your crew.We realised that you guys will get really strong while we didnt advanced much.We tried to train,but with no succes.We were already at max power.We were a bit afraid someone may surprass us.Until 1 day.....exactly 1 month ago....Fuji told us more about his hammer and the genious of the Marines.....Vegapunk!!

Muramasa:*shocked*But....but Magnus trained with Vegapunk for an entire year!

Suzuki:Not exactly.He trained with Vegapunk for almost an year.We went to Vegapunk for weapons or other inventions to make more powerfull.*smiles*But guess who we met?


Suzuki:*smiles*Yes we found your captain.But we were a bit too late to catch him so he escaped.

Muramasa:Then...what you did?

Suzuki:*smiles*Here is the amusing part.Shiryu tried to convide Vegapunk to make some weapons for us but Vegapunk continued to refure.Shiryu cut Vegapunk with his Past Sword and introduced himself in his past.He then told him everything he remembers about him is fake.So Vegapunk suffered mental damage for 3 days.Shiryu tortured him as much as he could until Vegapunk gave up.He then made something for each of us.Most of us got a weapon,but I got something different.Because my main weapon is my body....he put some machines inside my body!

Muramasa:*shocked*You...are a cyborg?

Suzuki:No! I think with my own brain and I can move my entire body with my brain.It's just that he put some weapons inside my body.My legs have machines that produce fire and ice so when I shot my Rankyakus I can engulf them in flames or freeze them.I also have a bomb producing machine in my fingers and some machines to produce fire,ice and much more things in my arms.And I lot of other upgrades that you wont live enough to see.Now about the rings.Each 1 of us got a ring as a sign of the weapon.The rings are the ones that shows us as a true crew and shows us what weapon we were given.The rings should represent the pride of being a member of New Era pirates.

  • Suzuki takes the Rokougan stance

Suzuki:I think I talked enough already.I will end this....Rokougan!!

  • Suzuki hits Muramasa directly with a Rokougan
  • Muramasa cant fall on the ground due to his legs being frozen and continues to look with a demonic look at Suzuki

Suzuki:*shocked*[What....incredible determination.He is unconscious right now and still....he looks into my eyes.]One more Rokougan should put end to this.Rokougan!!

  • Right when Suzuki was about to shot his Rokougan an air blades comes towards him
  • Suzuki jumps back a huge distance and dodges the air blade
  • Magnus jumps in front of Suzuki
  • Magnus's stomach is covered in bandages,full of blood

Magnus:You did very well,Muramasa.


  • Suzuki appears in front of Magnus but suddenly gets punched on the ground
  • NWW appears near Magnus,badly injured

Magnus:NWW,I am glad to see you.Are you alright?

NWW:*dissapointed face*Yes....I won my fight.

Magnus:I'm really happy to hear that.

NWW:DONT BE!!He first defeated me,but I attacked him from behind......

Magnus:I see....well in this case it doesnt matter since this are battles to death.

NWW:You won your fight?

Magnus:Nah...I easly lost to Shiryu.Souji came and created a diversion right before Shiryu was about to finish me off.

NWW:Then.....Shiryu is still much stronger than you?

Magnus:*smiles*No....It was just that I really didnt know what his weapon is doing.It got me totally by surprise.I lost only because I acted reckless.I let him stab me to be able to strike him after.

NWW:I see....

Suzuki:*pissed off*2 more opponents......

Magnus:Hey you!*dead serious face*Come and fight us if you dare.

Suzuki:I know I cant defeat you 2 as well....I will retreat for now.

  • Suzuki uses Soru and escapes from Magnus and NWW

Magnus:He escaped...well it doesnt really matter right now.NWW take Muramasa on the ship and take care of him!!

NWW:GOT IT CAPTAIN!!But you are still going to fight?

Magnus:Yeah....Anarky is fighting their 3rd strongest member right now.Only me and Marimo can defeat such a powerfull guy.

  • NWW takes Muramasa and heads back to their ship
  • Magnus starts running towards Anarky's position

Anarky vs Yukio

  • Anarky dashes at Yukio

Yukio:You are just a patethic member of Espada pirates.You are not a real challange for me.

  • Right when Anarky reaches Yukio,Yukio dissapears and reappears behind Anarky
  • Anarky gets slashes on his stomach
  • Yukio is seen standing behind Anarky with a katana

Yukio:You better not damage this sword.This sword is what transformed me in what I am right now.I killed my first persons with it.


  • Yukio is getting beaten by 3 other kids

Kid 1:This damn kid!

Kid 2:I am sick of him!

Kid 3:Lets kill him!

Yukio:*scared*Please....PLEASE DONT KILL ME!! I DONT WANT TO DIE!!

  • The kids continue to beat him
  • Yukio falls on the ground full of blood
  • Yukio finds a katana on the ground
  • Yukio gets up with a mad smile on his face

Kid 1:What the hell happened to him?

Kid 2:I dont knwo but I think he truly is the child of the demon.

Kid 3:Guys...I am getting scared.

  • Yukio fastly dashes at them and cuts them a lot of times,killing them


Yukio:In a point in my life.....I learned to live without emotions.

  • Anarky fastly turns around and tries to cut Yukio
  • Yukio jumps back a long distance doding Anarky's attack
  • Anarky fastly releases a red air blade
  • Yukio easly breaks it using his sword

Yukio:I told are too weak.

  • Anarky stabs his sword in the ground

Anarky:Pool of Blood!!

  • A red circle appears below Yukio
  • The red circle sucks Yukio's legs in

Yukio:What is this?

Anarky:Bloody Slash!!

  • Anarky releases a huge red air blade at Yukio

Anarky:This one is much wont be able to block it and you wont be able to dodge it.

  • Yukio gets hit directly
  • A large some screen is created
  • Yukio emerges from the smoke without any injuries

Yukio:I'm sorry but your attack was too weak.I just repelled it to the ground so I can free myself.

Anarky:Damn it!

  • Yukio dashes at Anarky
  • Yukio clashes with Anarky

Yukio:Yukio's Special Attack!!

  • Anarky realises he cant move
  • Yukio tries to stab Anarky in his chest
  • Anarky moves a bit,but still gets stabbed,but he was able to dodge enough,so his heart wasnt pierced by Yukio's sword

Yukio:Interesting,I missed your heart.

  • Yukio takes out his sword and Anarky falls on the ground

Yukio:I will put an end to your life right now.

  • Yukio tries to cut Anarky's head but is suddenly cut on right shoulder by an air blade
  • Yukio jumps back
  • Magnus jumps in front of Anarky

Magnus:Anarky....are you allright?

Anarky:*surprised*Captain....*dissapointed face*I am sorry...but I lost so fast.

Magnus:Dont worry.I will take care of him for now.Help the others or go to the ship,Anarky.

Anarky:Are you sure you can handle him?You seem to be badly injured.

Magnus:Yeah....dont worry about me.

Magnus vs Yukio

Yukio:You are the captain of Espada pirates,Tensai Magnus right?


Yukio:I am Demon's Child Yukio,the one who will slay you.

Magnus:*dead serious face*You seem so sure on yourself even though you dont show any emotions.

  • Yukio dashes at Magnus
  • Magnus fastly unsheates his swords and blocks Yukio's attack
  • Magnus jumps back
  • Magnus jumps high in the air


  • Magnus starts spinning

Magnus:...X Road!!

  • Magnus realeases a huge X slash
  • Yukio hardly dodges the slash

Magnus:Nitoryu Iai:World Cutter!!

  • Magnus releases a huge straight line air blade
  • Yukio tries to dodge the slash,but is unable to so he tries to block it
  • Yukio blocks Magnus's attack,but still gets damaged a bit
  • Magnus lands on the ground
  • Yukio dashes at him instantly
  • Yukio clashes with Magnus

Yukio:Yukio's 1000 Crimes!!

  • Yukio start slashing around him at very high speed

Magnus:Nitoryu:1000 Roads!!

  • Magnus also starts slashing around him at very high speed
  • Yukio and Magnus try to cut each other,but they block each other's attacks
  • Magnus gets throught Yukio's defence and cuts Yukio on his cheek
  • Yukio jumps back

Yukio:It seems like you are a better swordsman.A much better one.

Magnus:*dead serious face*If you are a swordsman as well,what are you gonna do?

Yukio:I am not a swordsman.

Magnus:*surprised*What?Then why do you fight with a sword?

Yukio:I only learned to fight with a sword because I'm in debt to this sword for saving my life.I have a Devil Fruit.

Magnus:*dead serious face*[So he deafeated Anarky so easly without using his true power.]

Yukio:I will show it to you......

  • Yukio puts his palms together
  • From his skin emerges a pair of white gloves with a lot of buttons and also a pair of white headphones
  • Yukio presses 2 buttons on the glove from his right arm

Yukio:My room!!

  • Yukio and Magnus get surrounder by huge black walls that appear from nowhere

Magnus:*surprised*What the hell is this??

Yukio:As the name of my technique says,it's my room.It is the beggining of my fighting style.

  • Magnus gets trapped together with Yukio into a huge room,empty,with black walls

Magnus:*dead serious face*I m not going to stay in your trap!

  • Magnus fastly releases some air blades at the walls,but didnt even scratch them

Magnus:*suprised*What the.....

  • Magnus tries to cut the walls again

Yukio:You didnt realise it's useless?You cant break them.They are not from a material.They are from something I invented.

Magnus:What do you mean?

Yukio:Right are in my world.

To be continued

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