• Many people are seen walking on the streets of the Wano Country calmly
  • Most of the men there are carrying swords around, which tells us that this is the country of samurais
  • Someone is heard screaming and everyone turns around, slightly surprised
  • Their expressions turn rather shocked when they notice the man that was screaming flying across the street

Civilian:*shocked* this?

  • From a dust a cloud, a silhouette appears
  • Nobody can tell who that person is, however, a large and evil grin can be seen on his face
  • The scene changes to somewhere else from the Wano Country, far away
  • A short boy, carrying two swords is seen walking on the street with a rather bored look on his face
  • Black Box:Shinsengumi Guardian, Heisuke Todou.
  • The samurais around that notice Heisuke quickly run to him and bow down

Samurai: Its an honour that you visit us, Heisuke-dono!

Heisuke:*scratching the back of his head*I guess...

  • Suddenly, a samurai wearing a black kimono and with his sword drawn out comes in front of the other samurais

Samurai:*surprised*What are you doing, Itou??


Samurai: You idiot! If he was chosen to be one then it means he's worth it.

Itou:*serious face*He has to prove it to me.

Samurai:*shocked*Are you crazy? Do you really want to fight him??

Heisuke:*bored look*Fight me? Meh, no thanks.

  • Heisuke turns with his back at Itou and starts walking away

Itou:*shadowed eyes*You...

  • Itou suddenly dashes furiously towards Heisuke


  • He swings his sword with all his strength, aiming for Heisuke's head

Heisuke: Eh?

  • Heisuke ducks in the last moment, dodging the attack

Heisuke:*shocked face fault*WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? YOU COULD KILL ME, YOU IDIOT!!

Itou:*pissed off*THATS MY INTENTION!!

  • Itou starts swinging his sword like crazy, but Heisuke easily dodges every attack

Heisuke:*bored look*You need to put more than just strength behind your attacks. Swordsmanship is an art.


  • Itou takes a step back and swings his sword with all his strength
  • Heisuke, with a very calm look on his face, catches Itou's blade with his right hand

Samurai:*shocked*He...caught...his blade...

Heisuke:*sharp look*I will show you...what it means to be a swordsman.

  • Itou, with a shocked look on his face, takes back his sword and jumps back
  • Heisuke is seen calmly grabbing one of his swords
  • He takes it out of its place and puts it on his shoulder, with its hilt still on

Samurai:*shocked*He's gonna use...a Iai technique!

Heisuke:*shadowed eyes*Ready?

  • Itou, rather scared, holds his sword tightly
  • Suddenly, Heisuke swings his sword like a baseball bat, hiting Itou in the face and pummeling him into the ground


All samurais:*shocked face faults*EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH??

  • Itou is seen on the ground, defeated

Heisuke:*raising his fist*Victory!


Heisuke: Meh.

All samurais: MEH??

  • Heisuke puts his sword back in place while the samurais continue arguing with him
  • The scene changes to another part of the Wano Country
  • People on the street look rather scared as a man carrying a sword in his hands is walking calmly
  • Black Box:Shinsengumi Commander, Kazama Chikage.
  • From the opposite side, another man, carrying two swords around is seen walking towards Kazama, with a rather serious look on his face
  • Black Box:Shinsengumi Guardian, Souji Okita.

Kazama:*smiles*Have you been following me, Souji?

  • Souji tightly grabs both his swords, ready to attack

Souji:*dead serious face*A fight here won't be the best choice, I guess.

Kazama:*evil smile*That doesn't answer my question.

Souji:*annoyed look*No, I didn't.

Kazama:*playful smile*Good. Now, go and patrol the town! You're under my command after all.

  • Souji looks on the ground as his face becomes shadowed
  • Shortly, he calms down and starts walking away

Souji:*shadowed eyes*Not for long...

Kazama:*grins*I will wait for you to challenge me, Souji.

  • The civilians seem rather scared of what could happen of the two Shinsengumi members would start fighting
  • The scene changes back to Heisuke, who is now not walking alone, but together with a man that carries with him a sword and that has a similar outfit to him
  • Black Box:Shinsengumi Guardian, Sanosuke Harada.

Harada:*drinking from a bottle*So, wanna go meet some ladies, Heisuke? *laughs*I can get some of your age, you know!

Heisuke:*sweatdrops*Do you have to get drunk every time we have a free day?

Harada:*annoyed face fault*Have you ever heard of having fun?

Heisuke:*depressed face fault*Not at all...

Harada:*sighs*Oh well...

Heisuke:*sulking depressed on the ground*I've been training to become a good samurai all the time...

Harada:*pissed off face fault*STOP WITH THE DEPRESSION ALREADY!!

  • Suddenly, they turn their attention to another part of the Wano Country, where some loud sounds of destruction are coming from

Harada:*dead serious face*What the hell is happening?

Heisuke:*serious face*Guess we gotta go there to check.

  • The scene changes to the middle of the action, where Sasagawa Keigo is seen destroying everything around

Keigo:*annoyed look*Why are all the samurais here just a bunch of weaklings?

  • Hundreds of defeated samurais can be seen everywhere on the ground around Keigo

Keigo: boring.

  • Suddenly, something that seems like a wind bullet is seen flying towards Keigo
  • Keigo tries to block it with his sword, but it simply passes through his sword
  • However, Keigo easily tranforms his entire sword into water and regenerates it

Keigo:*grins*Interesting...someone a little bit stronger?

  • A man carrying two swords on his right and reading a book that he holds with his left hand is seen walking calmly towards Keigo
  • Black Box:Shinsengumi Guardian, Hajime Saito.

Saito: I want to know your name and the reason for your acts.

Keigo:*evil smile*Can we skip this crap and start fighting?

Saito:*sighs*As you wish...

Samurai:*heavily bleeding*Saito-dono...please be careful! He's very strong...

  • Saito puts his book away and slowly unsheats one of his swords, wielding it with his left hand only

Saito:*calm look*I'm gonna tame this beast.

  • Saito dashes towards Keigo with his sword pointing forward

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