• One week passed since Marimo and Magnus returned to Kyoki Island
  • Since then, they have been training hard together
  • Today is the last day of their training, since tomorrow, together with the rest of the Espada Pirates, they're gonna attack the main Marine base, where Shir currently is
  • On the island, a person is seen running towards a place that is covered by a dust cloud
  • The person is no one else than the captain of the Ahou Pirates, Marcus
  • Marcus stops as he gets close to that place and notices Marimo and Magnus

Marcus: HEY, YOU TWO!!

Marimo:*looking over his shoulder*Yo.

Magnus:*dead serious face*Oh, Marcus? What are you doing here?

Marcus:*nervous look*[No excitement at all from Mango? What happened to him?]

Magnus: Aren't you gonna answer me?

Marcus:*sad look*Well...I came talk something with Marimo...

  • Marimo turns around and gets closer to Marcus

Marimo: What is it?

  • Marimo notices that Marcus has tears in his eyes and that his knees start trembling


  • Marimo simply smiles and turns around, towards Magnus

Marimo:*smiles*That bastard decided to take a break, didn't he?

Marcus:*crying*A break? RICHARD IS...

Marimo:*interrupting Marcus*Yeah, I know what you want to say. But don't worry...I will wake him up.

Marcus:*shocked*What are you...talking about?

Marimo: Is that why you came here? To tell us that?

Marcus:*sad look*Actually...there's something else.

  • Marcus looks on the ground very disappointed

Marimo: Well, what is it?

Marcus: I promised Richard...that I will protect his daugther...but Sakazuki caught his daugther...I was unable to protect her...

  • Marcus gets on his knees and bows

Marcus:*crying really loud*PLEASE SAVE HER, MARIMO!!


  • Marimo slowly walks towards Magnus, drawing his swords during the process

Marimo:*smiles*Count on me for that.

Magnus:*dead serious face*If this is all, please leave now, Marcus.

Marcus:*wiping his tears*Alright...

  • Marcus gets back on his feet, turns with his back at Magnus and Marimo who continue their training, then starts walking away

Marcus:*serious face*[I wonder what happened to you...Magnus...]

  • Meanwhile, on Terminus Est

Hermes: Do you guys really think leaving Anarky and Souji on that island was a good idea? They're Espadas after all dudes...

Muramasa: They won't be able to survive there, so its for the best.

Ray: However...we still have a special case. Are you sure you will be able to do this, Serena?

Serena:*confident look*Yeah, I'm sure.

Ray:*serious face*Good. [That look in her eyes...reminds me of Marimo's.]

Sher:*looking at a clock*In exactly 24 hours...the war is gonna start.

Muramasa:*dead serious face*Maybe sooner. Remember that Magnus said that we should go there before him and Marimo. They will join us later.

Hermes:*nervous look* you think we can survive there on our own?

NWW: We have to. And we're not like Milky was...alone. We will be in this together, protecting each other.

Muramasa: Get your weapons ready everyone...tomorrow is a very big day.

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