• 1 week passed since Lixis left the Espada pirates and created the Kira pirates
  • The Espada pirates were slowly sailing on their ship
  • They were staying outside,dicussing

Hermes:Damn it....first Marimo left us and now Lixis...

Magnus:*comically scratches his head*Things are not going in the best way right now.

Hermes:[He is trying to act normal to make us feel better...]

  • Milky comes near Magnus

Milky:*whispers*I have to talk something with you.


  • Milky brings Magnus in a room

Magnus:What do you want to discuss,Milky?Anything about the members that left?

Milky:*serious face*No...I want to talk about...

  • Katsuo simply passes right in front of the door

Milky:*serious face*....Katsuo.

  • Katsuo stops in front of the door and listens

Magnus:*serious face*What about him?

Milky:*serious face*You realise he is just a kid....why is he our vice-captain?

Magnus:*serious face*Well...I am also unsure about that thing,'s Marimo's last will.I think we should respect it.

Milky:*serious face*What the hell was Marimo thinking?To put a kid as our all this time....Marimo truly didnt realise we are not playing here?

Magnus:*serious face*I perfectly understand you...but Marimo wasnt the person to take random decisions.Who knows what was in his mind when he put Katsuo vice-captain.

Milky:*serious face*He showed us until now,that he is truly not good for that....I least for now....he shouldnt be the vice-captain of our crew anymore.

  • Katsuo suddenly enters in the room


Milky:*serious face*You heared everything from the beginning? Katsuo:*serious face*I did.

Magnus:*sad face*Katsuo....

Milky:*serious face*Good...then I dont have to tell you after.

Katsuo:*serious face*Do you think that only because I am young I cant be a vice-captain?

Milky:*serious face*It's not about the dont have anything to be a vice-captain.

  • Katsuo unsheats 1 of his swords

Katsuo:*serious face*I will show you what I can do.

  • Milky turns with his back at Katsuo

Milky:*serious face*See?Exactly what I said.

Magnus:*serious face*Yeah...

Katsuo:*serious face*What?

Milky:*dead serious face*Power is not the only thing a vice-captain needs...but you dont know that.

  • Katsuo sheats his sword

Katsuo:*serious face*You guys think you knew Marimo so well....

Milky:*serious face*What?

Katsuo:*serious face*If you knew him so well then you would knew that he didnt randomly chose me to be the vice-captain....

Milky:*serious face*We knew Marimo very well.

Katsuo:*arrogant face*I am the vice-captain of this crew....

Milky:*serious face*What?

Katsuo:*dead serious face*...AND YOU WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS!!

Milky:*pissed off*You...

Magnus:*smiles*[He sure has your determination,Marimo.]

  • After some minutes they finished their discussion
  • Magnus went out to see what the other guys are doing
  • When he arrives at them,the ship starts shaking

Magnus:What the hell?

  • A huge flower emerges from the water
  • The flower opens in the middle
  • Rose emerges from the middle of the plant and steps on Terminus Est
  • Magnus instantly picks his swords

Magnus:*serious face*[This is the guy Marimo couldnt defeat alone,Rose.]

Rose:Long time no see....

Ray:*serious face*Why are you here?

Rose:Dont worry,I am not here to fight.

Magnus:*serious face*Then why are you here?

Rose:I am here to deliver a message....

Magnus:*serious face*A message?From who?

Rose:*shadowed eyes*Shiryu....


Ray:*serious face*That bastard?

  • Rose suddenly creates a rose and transforms it into his whip
  • Rose tries to attack Ray,but he stops in the last second

Rose:Damn it....Shiryu told me to not touch any of you.But if you say 1 more bad thing about him again....I am not sure I would be able to control myself again.

Magnus:*serious face*[Shiryu cut him with his sword.]What is the message?

Rose:Tommorow...come on Korinth Island...this where he will wait for you.

Magnus:*dead serious face*I see...he decided to end this...the time came right?

Rose:Yeah...also...I prepared the island.The fight with be broadcasted in the whole world.


Rose:Everyone will see your end,captain of the Espada pirates,Yonko Magnus!!

Magnus:*dead serious face*Tell him that we will be there...

Milky:*serious face*Magnus....


  • Rose enters back in his flower and leaves

Muramasa:*serious face*Tommorow...

Ray:*serious face*We have to defeat the New Era pirates...

Magnus:*serious face*Without Marimo or Lixis.

  • Milky prepared something for the crew to eat
  • They were all concentrated and didnt talk much to each other
  • The night came
  • The Espada pirates were all awake with their bodies shaking from excitement

Hermes:*serious face*I cant wait to show Itao what I can do now....

  • The Espada pirates stayed awake all night
  • In the morning

Magnus:*serious face*We are here....

  • In front of them there was a huge island,covered in ruins

Magnus:*serious face*Korinth Island...

  • Suddenly a ship is seen close to them

Muramasa:*serious face*The New Era pirates?

  • Suddenly Shir jumps from that ship on Terminus Est

Magnus:*surprised*The strongest Yonko,Shir?

Shir:*serious face*Stop right here,Espada pirates!!

Magnus:*serious face*What?

Shir:*serious face*Shiryu is my problem.I will deal with him.

  • Magnus unsheats his swords

Magnus:*dead serious face*I know he is your ex-crewmember,but...I have to fight him.

Shir:*serious face*You dont understand...*calm voice*One of my crewmates is inside his crew.

Magnus:*surprised*What did you say?

Shir:*serious face*I will destroy them from the inside.There is no need for you,or your crew to do anything.

  • Magnus sheats his swords and goes near Shir

Magnus:*calm voice*I think you didnt hear me right...I have to fight him.

Shir:*serious face*You idiot...You really think you are strong enough to defeat him?

Magnus:*dead serious face*Yeah...

  • Shir creates an ice blade on his right arm

Shir:*serious face*Prove it.

  • Magnus unsheats his swords back

Magnus:*dead serious face*Ok...

Shir:*a little bit surprised*[He wants to fight me,even though he knows I am stronger than him and even fight Shiryu after.]

  • Shir retreats his blade

Shir:*serious face*Fine...but if you lose I wont save you.

  • Magnus sheats his swords

Magnus:*smiles*Thank you!!

  • Shir retreats on his ship

Ryo:*serious face*Are you sure what you did is alright?

Shir:*serious face*I actually believe in him...if he defeats Shiryu I will personally provoke him to fight me.

  • The Espada pirates get off their ship

Magnus:*serious face* ready....we might never see each other again.

Muramasa:*serious face*We know...

Katsuo:*dead serious face*[They are all acting like they are ready to die...]

Magnus:*serious face*Katsuo...

Katsuo:*dead serious face*What?

Magnus:*serious face*Take care...

  • Katsuo picks 1 of his swords

Katsuo:*dead serious face*Marimo told me everything about the New Era pirates...dont worry...I know....I will kill my opponent.

  • Katsuo starts walking towards the right side of the island,with Muramasa

Milky:*serious face*Are you sure he will be alright?

Magnus:*serious face*I gave him Poseidon...he should be alright.

Milky:*serious face*I see...

  • Meanwhile on Sabaody


  • Magnus starts advancing throught the center of the island
  • Magnus arrives at the center of the island and he sees Shiryu
  • Magnus looks in Shiryu's eyes and releases a huge burst of Haki

Magnus:*dead serious face*.....

Shiryu:*smiles*You are finally there.

  • Meanwhile on another island
  • Sengoku is standing near Garp

Sengoku:*dead serious face*A fight like this will shake the entire world!!

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