• 1 week passed since the Oni pirates fought with the Marines
  • They are approaching to a winter island

Kogmaw:Brrr...Why its suddenly so cold?

Lilly:If I am right,we are close to a winter island.

York:Winter island?*smiles*Sounds like an interesting place!!

Marimo:*smiles*Maybe here I will find...


Marimo:*fired up face*.....A GOOD FIGHT!!

  • York comically punches him in the head

York:*pissed off face fault*Cant you think of something else?

  • Marimo gets up and as usually he comically kicks York back

Marimo:*pissed off face fault*You got a problem?

York:Tch....Caitlyn please gather the whole crew to stop on the island.


York:*scratches head*Gradion,you will be the one protecting the ship again,ok?

Gradion:*laughs*As always!!

  • The crew arrives on the winter island


  • York jumps high in the air with his hands rised high
  • York lands on the ground and the crew follows him
  • The crew starts walking towards a large combination of mountains

York:I wonder if anyone lives here.

Caitlyn:I have no idea....we saw nothing moving so far.

  • They continue to walk and they see a town at a big distance from them

York:*smiles*Here it we can separate if you want guys.

  • Tyson starts walking towards a big mountain

Tyson:*smiles*I am going to see this island better.

Lucarius:*grins*I am going to climb on the biggest mountain.

Tyson:*smiles*Provoking me,arent you?


  • Marimo starts walking in a random direction

Marimo:*bored face*I will go this way.

  • Lilly starts walking near him

Lilly:*shy face*I am going with Marimo-kun.

Kogmaw:Ok then,I will go with my brother.


  • Kogmaw and Jax start walking in the same direction

York:Oh well then I will go with Caitlyn.

  • York starts walking towards the town,with Caitlyn

Maxwell:Wait....The only one left is....

  • Maxwell looks around him but only sees Helga

Maxwell:*scared face fault*WHY I HAVE TO GO WITH YOU!??!

  • Helga starts crackling her fists

Helga:*evil grin*We are going to have fun.

  • After some time York arrives in the town with Caitlyn
  • They see that the peoples are terrified
  • A pirate is seen holding another one on his back and begs to some guardians

Pirate:Please..please I need help.My crew is badly injured.We really need help!!

Guardian:*shadowed eyes*Who is that on your back?

Pirate:That is my vice-captain,we fought...

  • The guardian suddenly shots the vice-captain

Pirate:*shocked*What?WHY YOU DID THAT?

Guardian:*shadowed eyes*The same is gonna happen to you...we cant allow any pirates on this island right now.


Guardian:*dead serious face*This winter island,like all the winter islands,is in the possesion of the strongest Yonko,Shir!!And today is the day he will pay a visit to this island.He took a break from his adventures in the New World and will come to relax here!!

Pirate:*scared*I will leave...I promise...please dont...

  • The guardian shots the pirate

York:*serious face*This sounds bad...What a moment we chose to come on this island...

Caitlyn:*serious face*I think the crew is in big danger right now.

York:*serious face*Yeah,lets find them and tell them we have to get off this island right away.

  • Another guardian is desperately running in the down
  • He comes to the captain,the one that shot the pirates

Captain:*serious face*Whats wrong with you?

Guardian:*pant*He...*pant*is already on the island...*pant*..



York:*dead serious face*Shit...

Captain:*shocked*So fast?Damn it!!Everyone hurry up!!Search for any pirate and eliminate them!!

  • The guardians start patrolling the island

York:*dead serious face*We gotta hurry to find the crew!!

  • York starts searching for his crew
  • Tyson is seen on the mountain he wanted to climb

Tyson:*smiles*This mountain is so close to the town....I think I should visit the town,maybe there are some beatiful girls waiting for me.

  • Tyson starts walking in the air,like on stairs,using weak Geppous
  • Meanwhile in the town,Lucarius meets with some guardians

Guardian:*angry face*Why you stay on streets?Didnt you hear that the Yonko,Shir is already on this island?

Lucarius:*serious face*That is not my problem....

Guardian:*angry face*Who the hell do you think you are??

Lucarius:*serious face*I am just a simple pirate....

Guardian:*surprised*Pirate?ELIMINATE HIM!!


  • The guardians attack Lucarius
  • On another place in the town,Maxwell and Helga are attacked as well
  • On another place near the town
  • Jax enters a house

Jax:*dead serious face*Give me all your food right now!!

  • Kogmaw comically kicks him in head

Jax:*comically crying*Why brother?You said I should act more like a pirate,so I started to threaten this persons.

Kogmaw:*pissed off face fault*A PIRATE DOESNT THREAT PERSONS FOR FOOD!!

  • A guardian,that close to them,hears them



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