• Zoro and Marimo clash together
  • Zoro and Marimo jumps back

Zoro:8 swords hmmm....interesting.

Marimo:*serious face*Yeah I used to fight with 8 swords but now in the New World*smiles*I can only defeat wealkings with this.

Zoro:*smiles*And you think you can defeat me with them?

Marimo:Of course not...

  • Marimo start stabbing his swords into each other's hilt and creates the Demon's Cursed Sword

Zoro:*grins*I hope that sword is better than the 8.

Marimo:*smiles*You cant even compare this sword with the 8.*grins*This sword will show you how the Hell looks like.

Zoro:*grins*So I will see the Hell before I'll die ah?

Marimo:*smiles*You damn cocky bastard.

  • Zoro charges at Marimo but suddenly stops before reaching him

Zoro:Kokujo O Tatsumaki!!(after time skip tatsumaki)

  • Marimo is blown in the air and the air blades starts cutting him but with no effect

Zoro:Eh?I cant cut you?

  • Marimo jumps out of the tornado

Marimo:Of course you cant that easly.My DF makes my body as powerfull as steel.

Zoro:Steel is not enough to stop me.

  • The tornado follows Marimo

Marimo:Where will this tornado stop chasing me?

Zoro:*dead serious face*In the deepest piths of hell.

Marimo:*grins*So you tell me that this tornado is gonna bring me home?

Zoro:*smiles*You damn cocky bastard.

  • The tornado attracts Marimo inside it

Marimo:Red Demon:Hell Twister!!(Marimo swings his sword very fast creating a huge blast wave)

  • Marimo releases a huge blast wave that destroys the tornado
  • Zoro appears near Marimo

Zoro:Santoryu:Tora Gari!!

Marimo:Red Demon:Hell's Tiger!!(Marimo moves his sword very fast leaving a lot of cuts on his opponent)

  • Zoro and Marimo clash cutting the area where they were on pieces
  • Zoro and Marimo emerges unharmed from the clash

Marimo:Hey Zoro,lets change the place I dont want to hurt anyone else here.

Zoro:Eh?Oh well k.

  • Zoro and Marimo moves into the other part of the island

Marimo:*smiles*Great!Now I dont need to hold back.

  • Zoro takes his coat off and puts his bandana

Zoro:I think I dont need to hold back anymore.

Marimo:*laughs*That bandana makes you more powerfull?

Zoro:*smiles*The answer will be painfull for you.

  • Marimo suddenly charges at Zoro
  • Marimo appears in front of Zoro
  • Zoro tries to block him
  • Marimo dissapears and appears behind Zoro

Marimo:Red Demon:Hell Cutter!!(a very strong and fast slash that is usually used to cut things in half)

  • Marimo's attack hits something like a barrier before hitting Zoro and his sword is thrown back
  • Marimo jumps back and picks his sword

Marimo:*serious face*What the.....

Zoro:*dissapointed look*If you cant pass my Kekkai then there is no point for this fight....

  • Marimo appears near Zoro

Marimo:Red Demon:Soul Taker!!(an extremly fast slash,almost impossible to dodge but very weak)

  • Zoro gets a small cut on his left shoulder

Zoro:*pleasure smile*So you passed my Kekkai so easly now?

Marimo:*smiles*No big deal.

  • Zoro and Marimo clash with their swords
  • Zoro takes one step back

Zoro:Santoryu Ogi:Rokudo no Tsuji!!(the sanzen sekai after the time skip)

Marimo:[This technique seems very powerfull.]

  • Zoro appears behind Marimo

Marimo:*smiles*I needed Kenbushoku Haki to block that attack.

  • Marimo gets 6 small cuts on his body

Marimo:What the hell??

Zoro:You blocked only the first part of the technique.

Marimo:I see.

  • Marimo looks at his sword

Marimo:*serious face*I cant belive I have to fight like this so early in our fight.

Zoro:What can I say....I'm powerfull.

Marimo:Dont worry I will begin to show you what I can do just from now on.I WILL GO ALL OUT ON YOU!!

Zoro:*pleasure smile*I cant wait...

Marimo:Nightmare Beast:Wolf's Hunt!!(Marimo creates a lot of illusions of his Beast Hell:Wolf)

  • A lot of wolfs appear and starts attacking Zoro
  • Zoro easly cuts all of them

Zoro:[This are just illusions.]

  • Marimo appears above Zoro

Marimo:Burning Hell:Fire Wave!!(a huge fire wave with Hell fire,that cant be extinguished)

  • Zoro jumps and dodges the attack almost completly getting burned on his left arm

Zoro:Ittoryu:Yakkodori!!(Zoro releases an air blade from one of his swords)

  • Marimo simply blocks the air blade with his sword
  • Zoro charges at Marimo

Zoro:Ichi Gorilla!!Ni Gorilla!!Santoryu:Gorilla Sword Crusher!!(a very powerfull combination of blows from Zoro which aims to break the opponent's sword)

Marimo:[Damn I cant let him touch my blade!]

  • Zoro swings both his swords towards Marimo's sword
  • Marimo's wolf appears in the middle of them
  • Zoro hits the wolf with no hesitation
  • The wolf is thrown a big distance and Zoro and Marimo land on the ground
  • The wolf gets up with no visible injuries

Zoro:*surpised*How comes that i couldn't cut that wolf?

Marimo:His body is as powerfull as iron.

Zoro:I can easly cut iron!

Marimo:Yea but when you attacked it I put my hand on my and use my DF to empower his body.

Zoro:*smiles*I see..Nice trick.Santoryu:....

  • A demonic aura surounds Zoro

Marimo:Burning Hell:....

  • A demonic aura surounds Marimo

Zoro and Marimo in the same time:Zoro:Enbima Yonezu Oni Giri!!Marimo:Fire Blade!!(Marimo covers his blade with Hell fire then dashes at his opponent and triest to cut him,the opponent ingnites after being cut and Marimo leaves a trail of Hell fire after him)

  • Zoro and Marimo clash with their techniques
  • A huge blast wave is created from which both emerge and dash at each other

Zoro:Santoryu:Karasuma Gari!!

Marimo:Nightmare Hell:Ghost Blade!!(Marimo makes his sword pass everything he wants and makes it then normal to cut when he wants)

  • Zoro and Marimo clash once again
  • They both jump back and prepare another stance
  • Zoro have a big cut on his right shoulder
  • Marimo have two small cuts on his chest
  • Zoro sheates one of his swords

Zoro:Nitoryu Iai:Rashomon!!

Marimo:Beast Hell:Demon Cut!!(a very fast combination of slashes that leaves a huge claw like wounds)

  • Zoro and Marimo clashes

Zoro:Ichi Gorilla!!

  • Zoro stops Marimo's sword with one of his swords

Marimo:[This is bad!!]

  • Zoro fastly slashes Marimo with his second sword
  • Marimo jumps back

Zoro:Whats the problem you had enough?

Marimo:*smiles*Nah..just that my technique is finally ready.

Zoro:What te....

Marimo:Look above!

  • Zoro looks above and sees the sky covered in fire blades


Marimo:Burning Nightmare:Blazing Sky!!(the sky is covered by fire blades,with Hell fire,some of them are real from Burning Hell and some of them are illusions created by Nightmare Hell)

  • The swords start falling,all towards Zoro's place

Zoro:*shadowed eyes*Santoryu:Gyuki:Ame!!(cattle demon:rain in this technique Zoro cuts everything surounding him very fast)

  • Zoro starts swinging his swords very fast
  • The fire blades clash with Zoro
  • Zoro repeals every attack with his own
  • Zoro cuts the fire blades without getting touched by them
  • Marimo suddenly appears in front of him

Marimo:Red Demon:....

  • Zoro tries to block him by putting his swords in front of him

Marimo:Invisible Slash!!(Marimo slashes diagonally with the sword in his right hand,but in midway he drops his sword,cathing with his left hand and continuating his attack)

  • Marimo slashes Zoro across his enitre chest then jumps back

Zoro:[Shit!I didnt expect that.]

Marimo:*pant*You had enough?

Zoro:*pant*What you are already tired?

  • Marimo gets in a stance with his sword poiting at Zoro

Marimo:If we continue like this we wont finish this fight soon.

Zoro:You are worried about your nakama right?


Zoro:I'm not worried for mine.*smiles*They will all win.

Marimo:Red Demon:Sword Hell!!

  • A lot of spirits appear near Marimo

Marimo:You really shouldnt understimate me now.*serious face and voice*I'm at least 100 times stronger right now.

  • Zoro sheates 2 of his swords remaining only with Wado Ichimoji

Zoro:Ittoryu Iai:...

Marimo:Ice Blade:Iceberg!!(a very fast slash that freezes the opponent after it cuts it,taken from an unknown swordsman)


  • Zoro and Marimo clashes
  • Zoro and Marimo are standing behind each other's back with their back turned
  • A huge cut appears on Marimo's chest and a cut appears on Zoro's left shoulder and freezes it
  • Zoro and Marimo jump a distance

Zoro:You think this will make me unable to use my left arm?

Marimo:I hoped so...

  • Zoro moves his arm a little and the ice shatters

Zoro:*grins*You werent even close.

Marimo:Well then I will use something more powerfull.Rain Down:Waterfall!!(Marimo charges at his opponent with his sword surounded by water,taken from an unknown swordsman)

  • Marimo dashes at Zoro
  • Zoro blocks him using all of his swords and triest to cut him

Marimo:Waterfall:Water Shield!!(water start surounding Marimo to protect him)

  • A water tower is created
  • Zoro slashes the water tower in half and sees Marimo isnt there
  • Water currents start surounding the area
  • Marimo jumps out of one that was behind Zoro
  • Zoro notice and fastly cuts Marimo in half
  • The Marimo dissapears
  • Marimo apears in front of Zoro and slash him on his right shoulder
  • Zoro jumps back

Marimo:Nightmare Sword:Water Mirror!!

Zoro:I'm really proud of you.


  • Zoro sheates all his swords

Zoro:Santoryu Ogi:Oni Gari!!(demon's hunt,zoro unsheats his swords very fast to cut his opponent 3 times)

  • Zoro dashes at Marimo and pass him
  • Zoro slashes 3 times Marimo
  • A wall of earth stands in front of Marimo
  • The wall is cut in 3 pieces
  • Marimo turns around to Zoro

Marimo:That was really dangerous you know...


  • Marimo's wolf suddenly appears near Zoro and starts attacking him
  • Zoro block all of the attacks
  • A huge slash comes towards Zoro and the wolf jumps back a huge distance

Zoro:*shocked*!!Santoryu:1000 Pound Ho!!(Zoro releases 3 air blades that combine and form a very powerfull one)

  • Zoro's technique clashes with the huge slash
  • The huge slash destroys Zoro's attack and continue to advance towards Zoro
  • Zoro jumps out of the way
  • The slash passes Zoro leaving a huge crater after it

Zoro:*dead serious face and shadowed eyes*From where you know that technique?

Marimo:*smiles*What?This technique?The Strongest Slash in The World?


Marimo:I know,but he is dead right?

Zoro:Yeah...but I'm not the one who killed him.

Marimo:It doesnt matter.I used my Sword Hell to take his soul and place it on my sword to use his attacks.

Zoro:I hate that you need to use other peoples techniques.....

Marimo:*smiles*I'm really sorry for that.

Zoro:Then if you will fight like Mihawk I will defeat you in the same way i defeated him.

  • Zoro prepares a sumo like stance

Zoro:Kiki Kyutoryu:Ashura!!

  • 2 pair of hands and 2 heads appear on Zoro

Marimo:*shocked*What kind of trick is that?


  • Marimo suddenly releases another Strongest Slash in The World

Zoro:1000 Pondo Ho!!I

  • Zoro shots his slashes using 2 hands and 1 head and takes a stance with another 2 hands

Zoro:Kyutoryu:Rashomon!!Kyutoryu:Shishi Sonson!!

  • Zoro dashes at Marimo who tries to block his attack
  • Marimo gets slashed all over his body
  • Marimo falls on his knees

Marimo:*coughing blood*How was that possible?



Zoro:You though this hands and heads were for nothing?You said you power increased by 100 times.....well mine incresead only 3 times and......*grins*It seems like you cant defeat me anymore.

  • Marimo gets up

Marimo:Dont be stupid!!

Zoro:It doesnt seem like you can move to much.

Marimo:I dont need to!!

  • Marimo's wolf appears near him
  • Marimo suddenly slashes the wolf and puts the blood from his wound on his wounds

Marimo:You can rest now...

  • The wolf enters in Marimo's sword

Zoro:What the hell was that for?

Marimo:It doesnt matter.Well know I have to...*smiles*show you a trophy of mine.

  • Marimo takes out The White Thunder that was sheated on his back

Zoro:*smiles*You want to change trophies?

Marimo:No..I want to use this sword...

Zoro:But you cant move so how is that sword gonna help you ah?

Marimo:*serious face*You will see...

  • Clouds start gathering in the area where Zoro and Marimo were

Zoro:*serious face*Whats happening??This looks like a trick of Nami..

  • Suddenly a white lightning comes down and hits Zoro
  • Zoro is slashes on his left shoulder by the lightning instead of getting electrocutated

Zoro:This lightnings......are like blades?

Marimo:Yeah....and the best part is*grins*that I dont have to move at all.WHITE THUNDER:WORLD CUTTER!!(a lightning hits Marimo's sword and he releases a huge slash)

  • A huge slash is released from Marimo sword that cuts the entire area in half and cuts Zoro as well
  • A huge smoke screen is created
  • Zoro emerges from the smoke with his body full of blood

Zoro:I think I have to finish you...Kyutoryu:3 Rokudo no Tsuji!!(Zoro performs 3 Rokudo no Tsuji in the same time)

  • Zoro dashes at Marimo's position but before he reaches him a huge lightning comes towards him

Marimo:ULTIMATE WHITE THUNDER:FINAL LIGHTNING!!!(a huge lightning that can destroy an entire island)

  • The lightning hits Zoro and destroys most of the island

Marimo:[I hope my nakama werent hurt by this.]

  • Zoro emerges from the technique and tries to cut Marimo but before reaching him he falls on the ground

Marimo:[That was close!]Hey!!How are you still alive?

  • Zoro gets up with his body full of blood


Marimo:I see.....My most powerfull attacks werent enough to defeat you....I dont know what else i can do...I admit my de....

  • Marimo's swords suddenly starts to glow

Marimo:What the....

  • The swords make a contact between them and start to shine

Marimo:What is happening??

  • The swords form a huge light
  • A new sword emerges from the light,one very similar to Marimo's Demon's Cursed Sword,this sword is a normal katana,with a red line on the middle and a lightning at the edge

Marimo:The swords....combined???It cant be...

Zoro:Hey!!Can you still fight?

Marimo:*smiles*I guess I can..

Zoro:Good then...Kyutoryu:3 Oni Giri!!(Zoro performs 3 Oni Giris)

Marimo:Red Demon:White Thunder Hell!!White Thunder Hell:Demon's Lightning(Marimo's sword is covered by lightning)

  • Marimo and Zoro clash making a huge blast wave
  • Marimo jumps back a bit

Marimo:Burning Thunder:Fire Lightning!!(a very fast slash that ignites the opponent and eletrocutates them)

  • Marimo slashes Zoro on his chest
  • Zoro's wound ignite and he is electrocutated

Zoro:Damn y....

  • Zoro realises he cant move

Marimo:Thats my chance!!Nightmare Thunder:Lightning Rain!!(a rain of lighting,some of them are illusions created by Nightmare Hell and some of them are real from White Thunder Hell)

  • Zoro is hit by a lot of lightnings and a huge smoke screen is created

Marimo:*pant*I'm really exhausted.......*pant*.

  • Zoro emerges from the smoke

Zoro:How you could fight like this with all this wounds?

Marimo:The wolf's blood helped me by accelerating my cells regeneration.

Zoro:I knew that move wasnt useless.....Kyutoryu..

Marimo:[Damn it!! I cant dodge that.]

Zoro:3 Shishi Sonson!!(3 shishi sonsons performed in the same time)

  • Marimo gets 3 huge slashes on his body and falls on the ground
  • Zoro sheates his swords over...

  • Marimo gets up

Zoro:*shocked*Dont tell me you can still fight!!

  • Marimo dashes at Zoro
  • Zoro stabs Marimo in the stomatch with Wado Ichimoji

Zoro:You want to die??

Marimo:*coughing blood*Give me.......THE KOKUTO YORU!!!




  • Marimo empowers his head with his DF and headbutts Zoro
  • Zoro starts bleeding immensly from his head!!

Zoro:*shocked*[This guy's determination is really incredible..]Why you cant understand I cant?

  • Marimo gets even closer to Zoro,the sword stabbing him more


  • Marimo starts punching Zoro



Marimo:*demonic look*Just give it to me!!!!!

Zoro:[This guy......]

  • Marimo stops punching Zoro and falls on his knees

Marimo:I cant continue anymore.....

  • Zoro takes his sword from Marimo's stomach

Zoro:So you finally stopped ah?

  • Marimo tries to get up

Marimo:*grins*Until I will die.....I WONT STOP!!

Zoro:*shocked*[This guy....]*smiles*

  • Zoro pins Marimo on the ground

Marimo:DAMN YOU!!

Zoro:*smiles*Fine I will give it to you....


Zoro:Yeah..but promise me that you wont even scrath it cause if you will do.....I WILL HUNT YOU TO THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL AND KILL YOU!!

Marimo:*luffy smile*UNDERSTOOD!!

Zoro:*smiles*[I never met someone like him.]But....why do you need this sword so much?

Marimo:To complete my dream....

Zoro:And what is your dream?

Marimo:My dream was to become the world greatest swordsman but now I have some other plans.....



Zoro:You will defeat a demon?

Marimo:Yeah...he is on Earth he was always there....

Zoro:So he isnt a true demon?

Marimo:I dont know....but I will sure find out before killing him.

Zoro:*smiles*I see..Well lets go to where I left Kokuto Yoru!

Marimo:You said you will never lose it from your sight...

Zoro:*pissed off*SHUT UP!!

Marimo:And can you do me a favor?


Marimo:Can you carry it I really cant move..

Zoro:*pissed off*Fine....

  • Zoro takes Marimo on his back and head back to the place where they started their fight

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