Zai Zai no Mi
Japanese Name: {{{jname}}}
English Name: Materia Materia Fruit
Meaning: Material
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Hermes

The Zai Zai no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create any material he touches in small quantities, the user can create materials from any part of his body. It was eaten by Hermes.

Strenghts and Weaknesses

Materia Materia no Mi has a very wide arsenal of attacks, it helps the user use many combinations of materials and easily adapt his Devil Fruit powers to his own use. This flexbility in use made Materia Materia no Mi a great weapon and a solution in most cases of battle since it provides all the materials needed for battle. The Fruit can fuse materials together and the user can shape the materials he create by his own will. The Fruit also comes in handy in creating different kinds of tactics for battle.

The Fruit, however, has many weaknesses such as: it creates limited quantities of materials, the user must touch the material first before he can create it, some materials might be dangerous for the user to create such as poison which makes the user lose control of his power if created.

Power Ups

The Fruit can be powered up by Materia Stones. If Materia Stones were in use, the user can create materials with no limited quantities. However, Materia Stones are a very rare item that can only be found in a hidden place in Rocky Paradise Island. Dr.Vegapunk has also created gloves that are very sufficent for this specific fruit. These gloves allows the user to touch a material, such as fire, and not get burned or damaged. The user, however, is able to create the touched material thanks to the gloves. The gloves also protect the user from side effects caused by the created materials. Meaning that if the user created poison from his hands while wearing the gloves, he wont be damaged by the recoil. (But only if created from the hands)

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